Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why humans don't remember alien abductions!

Okay after my drug indused alien abduction/sugery, I have woke up to my boring hospital bed and rude nurse. Now I know why people dont remember álien abductions, becuase if its a fraction of what has been done to me since in this hospitalis done to them, then there would be so much pain involved, the pain is something know one NEEDS to remember. My anus feels like another appendage of my body. My stomach is going through spasms, and I have been throwing up. Now I don't have to explain how that feels, you can imagine. I am tired of nurses looking at me as if they want to say "suck it up kid". When I just asked my nurse to call the doctor to ask for IV pain killers, because I threw up the last pill. She looks at me as if I am talking in another language. It amazes me how stunned they look when you ask for something for nausea or pain. Almost like I asking them to do somethin nude. And if I have one more nurse walk by me and say, I am not your nurse, I will tell her, then go sit on a chair to relax. Next nurse is going to wake up with a stunned look after i smack them off their chair, Please pray for healing and my sanity.
So I am barely drinking, I am not eating, I am trying though ,believe me.
I am still not pooping , I am in so much pain, HELP PLEASE. Send flowers or drawings or pictures of beuatiful things to look!